Lingerie Workbox

What is it?

The lingerie workbox is a seasonal subscription service which brings JLD’s vision, creativity and inspiration directly to your desk, 18 months ahead of the selling season.

It is perhaps the most exciting and creative product on the market. It’s contents are broad as well as specific in their attention to detail. It is a truly uniquely effective and inspirational work tool for your lingerie and swimwear business.

What’s inside?

The contents are driven by style and market concept. It contains several concepts each season, each containing the season’s vision of colour, in numerous samples; sourced fabrics with origin details; unique prints for your use; original garments designs and market relevant styling. In the workbox you have everything you need to help your team create the seasonal collection.

How do I get it?

Contact us for your local agent details.
Countries covered are:
China, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Korea